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This blog was created for a couple of reasons.

It exists as a form of therapy for me.

I was filled with anger and disbelief during this past election cycle and immeasurable frustration as I tried to understand how a person as unqualified as Trump could beat Hillary Clinton, the most qualified candidate ever to run for president.


I tirelessly did my research and looked for reputable sources to share facts to disprove memes and articles that were constantly getting shared and re-shared. Some of these stories were too far-fetched to be believable but …people believed the false stories.

My goal was to educate the people who didn’t research what they read online. These were the voting citizens that were apt to believe, without having any proof, just about anything.

My attempts at this endeavor were futile. These people wanted to believe, so they did.

This anxious, growing resentment I was feeling toward people and their false posts and lies about my candidate was intensified each time I stumbled upon memes, comments, and articles that inaccurately rendered Liberals as hostile libtards or as hypocrites.

Yes, we were angry, but these people didn’t know me.

canva-photo-editor (2)

Anyone that wants to have a more intimate view of a liberal, can do so through this blog. This is the second reason I am writing and sharing.

I have to say that I am not the same person I used to be. Others saw it before I did. I’m fine with that.

The unsettling daily revelations during that election cycle made me aware of a hostility that had always been present but mercifully dormant. We all witnessed the awakening and resurgence of an unacceptable yet tolerated blatant contempt toward others that were different in color, sex, religion, and nationality.

It was suddenly so real. It was happening. We had seen this before.

BerndWeiss (1)

Was history going to repeat itself?

I changed. I adapted. I got angry. I got movin’.

This blog exists as a liaison to offer the unsolicited discerning opinions of a native-born Texas liberal.

I hope that by providing this unobstructed illustration of my thoughts on sensitive topics and issues that are constantly and instantly bombarding us in a time of frequent status updates and readily available news sources at our fingertips; real and otherwise, that it will reveal a transparent view of my inner thoughts thus providing a bit of clarity and a world of insight to those that would disagree with my views and principles.

The wisdom I have gained along the way as I grow older has helped me to see that I have no choice but to set a new course to explore.

I may be a different person now in many ways inwardly, but the James of yore is present. I am awake and I realize that I am not growing younger just more handsome. (LOL)

Thank you again for visiting. I welcome the reader to a more intimate peek into my journey.

“Now, voyager, sail thou forth, to seek and find.”



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