For Womb the Bell Tolls


The topic is a delicate subject and extremely touchy. A comfortable conversation could get volatile at any moment. Advocates on both sides of the argument are very passionate about their convictions. Friends become enemies.

With that said…… goes…

To begin, how would your opposition define your stance? I venture to say that if one asks a conservative how they would explain pro-choice to someone else they would just simply say that it means you are “for” abortion. 

If you Google the word pro-choice, you will find it defined as: advocating legalized abortion. In a sense, that is correct, but there is more to it and that simple definition does not offer enough specific detail.


Where is the breakdown of the actual word?

Pro = for; favor; agrees with. 

Then there is choice = having options; selecting from more than one.

I am Pro-Choice. I am not pro-abortion.

I do not enjoy the thought of the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy; I am not the “baby killer” that conservatives would have you think I am. I want the woman in question to choose from other alternative safe options. I want there to be comprehensive sex education programs within her reach, should she want more information. I want there to be choices.

I am a male, so I will never be pregnant {Insert gay joke here}. I can never know what moral battles or emotional obstacles a female might suffer through when faced with an unwanted pregnancy.

I cannot possibly grasp at the thought process going through her every waking moment, as she weighs the pro and cons of having a child that she is not financially prepared to welcome.

Is she responsible enough to make the tough choices that may come her way? Is she spiritually capable of surviving and soldiering on if she does not have someone who will support her decisions?


Let us take a look at Ann, a woman that is pregnant and now faced with an uncertain future.

Ann had always wanted to be a mother; however, this pregnancy came unexpected and unplanned. How could this happen? Maybe she did not have access to birth control. Was Ann naive because she had not received any education on the fundamentals of biology by a caring person that could have explained the birds and the bees without projecting shame or guilt?

Her Catholic mid-west raised mother had considered abortion or adoption when she became pregnant with Ann but she had felt a very heavy weighted guilt upon her, largely because of local conservative views of people in her life that had an influence on her.

What became of Ann?

What became of the women that did not have a choice?

What happened to the women that illegally employed skilled or unskilled abortionist because they were not allowed to have a choice?

Is it possible to believe that what happened to our fictional Ann is a reality to other females? Do you think it is possible that there are women that have experienced a similar scenario? Could it happen? Will it happen? Is it happening right now?

There is no way to know the hardships that these women have endured. We cannot know the individual situations that now have them standing on a precipice that has only one option.To jump.

There is a possibility that the choice to have an abortion is not difficult for some women. What if she has a disease such as HIV/AIDS and her unselfish wish is that she will not allow the disease to take the baby? Could another possibility be that the baby is deformed? She may choose to terminate the pregnancy rather than put the child through an existence of being a lifetime patient surrounded by pale-colored hospital walls and people.

What about death? If her health is at risk by carrying full term, do the conservatives still advise her to have the baby anyway?

Can you fathom the endless mental turmoil, physical pain and spiritual grief that may be crushing her soul if that unwanted pregnancy is a direct result of a rape or of an incestuous relationship?

To allow these women only one option is not only cruel, but it is also morbidly selfish.

I use the word selfish because the conservative populace wants the baby to be born, no matter what the circumstances may be.

Conservatives are not thinking about what is best for the mother and baby at all. These people do not take into consideration the woman’s free will or her right as a human being to decide what path to take on this unimaginable and arduous sojourn.


Conservatives will think that the battle is won. The abortion was not performed and the baby was born. Mission Accomplished.

Unsafe abortions will be performed and they will be performed in secret. This has happened before. We have all heard of the horrific practices of illegal abortions in a time not too long ago when a woman did not have the option of choosing a safe procedure in a sterile environment.

Rights Denied

I am aware that conservatives view an abortion as a murder. I clearly can agree that the fetus is developing into a person.

I understand the argument for the unborn.

People who advocate a woman’s right to choose can have that inner struggle when comparing their convictions with religious teachings that they were raised on.

How do we arrive at a consensus? How do we agree on a non-disputable answer to the question echoed eternally; When does life begin?

The media heavily criticized Hillary Clinton for a statement she made regarding unborn fetuses as not having any constitutional rights.

Was she wrong? Did she make that up just to piss off the deplorable?

She stated a fact. Smart people do that. The backlash came because she used the term “person”. I suspect she used that word on purpose at the last second because she knew that it would be worse if she said “thing” or “it”.

Historically, under U.S. law, the fetus is not recognized as a person with full rights and the law of man, not God governs us. Therein lies the meat of the dilemma.

This is a good place to stop and say that I am a Christian. I grew up believing in God. I pray daily. I give thanks more now than when I was younger. I used to ask for things to happen or for things that I wanted. I am more grateful today.

I understand that the objections to abortion are moral objections. I am able to comprehend that the removal of the fetus is an end to the life that could have been.

Pro-Life = For Living

Pro-life is to be for living. Living for what? Living how?

What do the conservatives mean when they tell you that they are for life? What are they trying to achieve?

Are they concerned with all lives?

Does that term include LGBT lives? The lives of Syrian refugees?

Does that term include immigrants? The lives of African-Americans? What about Muslim-Americans?

Do they ever consider the quality of life?

If a person says that they are a Pro-lifer, would you not assume that they would be entrenched in programs that offer aid to the people who make up the aforementioned groups? I want to see Paula Pro-lifer and Connie Conservative handing out bottled water in a disaster area or feeding the homeless and hungry on Thanksgiving.

I would expect them to be the champions for Syrian and other refugees. We should be hearing about all the wonderful things they are doing for refugees.

They should be outraged when a suicide ends the life of a young adult because that person was a victim of bullying. Are conservatives vocal when it comes to anti-bullying efforts?

I do not think that Pro-Life means any of this to them.


Conservatives have clearly exhibited and proven that they are not really the Pro-lifers they claim to be.

They oppose offering a safe home to Syrian children. They are fine with denying them a sanctuary away from the bombs and suffering. 


Why oppose helping these people find refuge from the horrific conditions that plague their lives? Why not prove how pro-life you really are?

I would like to know the real number of these Fallopian-friendly fighters that have given to food banks or volunteered in a homeless shelter. How many have done something within their power to improve life for others?

This conservative spokes-people for God is more pro-birth than they are pro-life. I do not believe they are very concerned about the child’s well-being and happiness. Just be born dammit!

They are pro-existence.

They simply want the baby to be born; thus feeling that they did Gods work. They can feel vindicated and righteous because the abortion, which is an affront to their “religious liberty and conscience”, was denied and Jesus is happy and the angels are singing again.

Nevertheless, what of the mother? Did she die in the delivery room due to the complications of giving birth? They would not be able to tell you. They do not give a shit.

The baby was born. That’s all they care about.

I would like to walk over to Conservative Connie and the girls and ask them to tell me whatever became of any of the children that made it to the birthing finish line because of their efforts.

How was their home life? Did they graduate and move on to college? What is Cletus the fetus up to these days?

Did conservatives oppose and put to an end any programs that would have supplemented the mothers’ education on reproduction and birth control?

So many unanswered questions remain.

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