The Future of the Democratic Party

I have been following this author on Twitter for awhile and am just now getting to really sit and read his very well thought out and passionate words as I slowly start building my site. I have yet to post a story of my own but I am proud and honored to share his insight first.

Proud Navy Veteran

A glance at the past/ a hard look at the future

democratic-party-scholarshipsWhy so many Democratic losses?

During President Obama’s two terms Democrats suffered a net loss of 1,042 state and federal seats. That included congressional, state legislative, governorships, and the presidency. The following, in my view, are the top three reasons for those losses, with the last bullet being most applicable to the ’16 General Election.

  • We failed to prepare: The DNC leadership failed to focus on State and Local races allowing GOP gains to be exacerbated by aggressive gerrymandering. They failed to create and develop a bench of talent, allowing the Party Leadership to shrink in number and grow in age.
  • We lost the debate: We usually controlled the agenda but often failed to control the narrative. Even President Obama acknowledged that he was much better at passing legislation than selling it to the American People. While we were…

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