I am certain that there is a little racism in all of us. I don’t truly believe it to be actual racism unless hate is coupled with the thought .

I admit that I have assumed someone black was poor and a Hispanic person uneducated. I know I have used the word egg-roll, when referencing an Asian person in hopes of getting a laugh. I admit to using the N word. I am not proud of that. I feel a heavy shame.

I may have been influenced by movies, music or my peers. I lacked the wisdom to know how I was being impacted when hearing racial slurs and tacky jokes. I know I am not alone.

We can be easily influenced when our young minds are developing and learning . We may have had people that we looked to for wisdom and guidance that may have exhibited racist sentiments. Those thoughts could have found a way of lingering in our sub conscience if they were not condemned during that crucial period when we are learning how to communicate and adjust in society.

We easily profile others without knowing that the past bias is whispering to us.

I know for a fact that these preambled expressions that I have or had were never and will never be coupled or intertwined with hate or contempt. 

The debate over the statutes celebrating the confederacy in Charlottesville, Va and the murder of Heather Heyer have bought out the racism that had been hibernating for decades in some people.

We have, at this moment, citizens of these United States that are not ashamed to express racism in a the most hateful and vile ways.

There has been so much talk of two radical groups: the neo-Nazis and Antifa in the webisphere. It would appear as if there are only two sides to the conversation and that if you do not belong to one than you must belong to the other. That is an incorrect way to look at the situation..


We like to tell ourselves that labels are not important and there are those that claim that they do not conform to any and do not want to be pigeon-holed. In reality, we are labeled, we may not like it but I would rather be correctly labeled than to be misidentified as an extremist.

I will not let myself be grouped along with any organization that is considered to be radical in their thinking and radical in the way they conduct themselves.

Dallas De·co·rum

 I participated in the Dallas Against White-Supremacy rally at Dallas City Hall on August 19, 2017. My partner and I made a sign to carry. We worked together on the anti 45 Trump protest Nazi symbol that was designed by artist Mike Mitchell

20900876_10214002098305860_524301343713966708_o (2)

The participants were visibly fired up and angry at the recent events in Charlottesville and even angrier at #45 and his “both sides’ comment.

Yet, everyone there that opposed racism behaved in a civil manner because we knew that if you are advocating peace and harmony among all races, it does your message no good to be violent and hateful.

There were a few people there at the rally that were a little more abrasive and we had been long gone by the time there was a mini stand-off at Pioneer Cemetery.

I am very proud of the decorum Dallas and those that visited from neighboring counties displayed. I have to say that if Michael ( my partner) and I had met face to face with a neo-nazi, say what you will about the gays, we were ready for a fight. Of course that would not have helped our cause.

I wanted to jot down a few words about this topic because no matter what. We have to call out and label groups like the KKK, Neo-Nazis and White Supremacist.

Racism is hate. We must call them out by name and label them as enemies of the people.

As much as I dislike the fact that this behavior is flaunted so openly now more than ever in my lifetime and tolerated by those that oppose liberal or progressive views and principles, we have to face the facts that it is happening.

I do not want to go back to where the hate was a secret. It appears that most of these people are proud to come out of that dark closet. They are now wanting us all to accept that they are the victims of oppression. They want to know where their White Lives Matters rallies and parades are.

I will say to them what I say to the few in the heterosexual community that whine over not having a Straight Pride Parade.

Be glad that you don’t have to have one. Be thankful that you were never discriminated upon and made to feel inferior. Be happy that you were never considered a second class citizen not worthy of the rights that were so freely given, not earned, to the majority. Thank God that people like you were never lynched or dragged behind a pick up truck or beaten and tied to a post in the cold Wyoming night to die alone because of who you choose to love or the skin color you were born with.

Be Grateful you do not know what that feels like.

It’s a very brave decision to be proud of being who and what you are in the face of all that hatred. We have our Black History month and Gay-pride month and parades to show just that. We are proud and we won’t be intimidated.


How lucky you are to not have ever been oppressed. It’s no wonder that you elected a man that whines and pouts in the same manner and like a child, blame everyone else for their shortcomings.

I know a label I will never use with Trump and that is President. It will never happen. 


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