Tomi Lahren is okay with the p*ssy-grabbing. A Facebook memory from 10/12/2016

I am so glad that Facebook has this reminder of posts pasts. 
This was from 2016 after the whole “Grab them by the p*ssy” broo haha

It would appear that my favorite Twit Tomi Lahren is okay with the twat grabbing. She says that Trump is not the Pope, so if he reaches for your ham wallet, let him.

Apparently the days of protecting the Bearded Clam from unwanted advances are a thing of the puss…er past.

The white grievance eager “beaver” called the GOP spineless for deserting Trump a month out from the election and for not defending his pink taco attacks.

She said women who still supported Trump, “instead of crying in a corner,” were no less of a woman than those who recognized the GOP nominee’s boasts as the words of a sexual predator.
She ends her tirade with a quote from the Book of John that she “snatched” from the Bible


I wonder why this little person is always so angry with us. As I have said from the day one, the only qualifications that conservatives probably require for her job is that she hates all the right people.
I have long suspected, and I am on record saying this, she must have worn out her Shame Cave to get this honey-pot of a job. She may be educated, I don’t know for sure and I know I can Google it but, I really don’t give a queef .

 I assume she wrote the copy she is reading, it sounds as if she was home-schooled on the prairie.
This Cooter is too young and she lacks any learned wisdom to be taken seriously.

I know I never will take her seriously.
Obviously, if I am still up writing this at 11:30 pm when I should be in bed, it’s safe to say that she bothers me.
I did hear that she lives in Dallas or is from here, so if you see her around, please reach out to me and let me know which corner she’s working.
Please .
I want to kick her in the meat socket.



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