Sharp Ab·jects

This post from last year came up today, 11/15/2017 , on my Facebook  “On This Day” Memories.

I had forgotten I wrote this. I read it again and I realized that the overall sentiment  I am trying to convey is very much still the one I carry today, a whole year later.

I only edited a few spots. Mostly where I misspelled something or thought of a better words or expression to add a little oomph( I was so in the zone last year as I wrote this that I didn’t even spell check or pull up a thesaurus)


Thank you to those of you that stuck with me as I grieved after the election and to those that offered compassion and understanding.
The biggest thanks I reserve for the new friendships I have found among the Pantsuit Nation of Hillary Clinton supporters.
I knew I not alone in this unimaginable reality and it was very comforting for me to know I was not going to grieve alone.

I had been anxiously anticipating her 2016 Presidential run . I couldn’t wait to get energized.

I had never been so deeply inspired by someone as much as I was by Hillary.
In 2008 Hillary supporters, like myself, volunteered our time for her, donated to her campaign, we rallied.
I will forever cherish the time I spent with my mother voting for Hillary together and then participating in the Texas Two Step that my state had back then. We returned . along with others to our polling places after they closed to caucus for Clinton. I was not aware that precinct delegates would be assigned that night to represent Hillary at the Senatorial district convention.  My mother and I left there that night as delegates for our nominee.

My mother was an alternate and I was a bonafide Hillary Clinton delegate.

A few weeks later, I was at the convention and I was already so excited to be there wearing my blue Hillary for President t-shirt and feeling like I was really contributing. Well imagine how I felt when I found out that delegates had a chance to progress to the Texas Democratic Convention in Austin, and that it didn’t have to end here. I was like, “Whaaat?”

I wasn’t, however, the only delegate that wanted to advance and represent a candidate at the State Convention. That would be decided by a vote.  twitter-icon

Those that wanted to be in the running for state delegate had to make a speech in front of both Hillary and Obama precinct delegates and make a compelling argument as to why we each thought we would be the best choice to represent at the State level.
When my turn came, I guess I conveyed a passion I hadn’t showed before . I don’t remember what I said, but I guess it was good because the other people in the running for Hillary dropped out after I spoke. They were so gracious, they did not want to split the vote.
Eventually, it all came down to me and one other delegate , an Obama delegate. We all voted and it ended in a tie.

I was on the Rules Committee and so I looked up what we were supposed to do next and a coin toss was the option.
The Obama delegate was a female, so being gentlemanly, I asked if she would call heads or tails – she  did. I am not sure which side she picked or whatever she said. I do not remember because the coin landed on the side that made me the winner and I was too excited to ever recall!

It was the best time of my life.

I had stepped out of my ordinary. I was never going back…

The An·tic·i·pa·tion

I’ll say it again: I had never been so deeply inspired to be more involved  in our democratic process as much as I was by Hillary.
In 2016: we worked tirelessly to share her accomplishments and our reasons for supporting this incredibly brilliant person who really wanted to work on behalf of all Americans. She had already been doing it her for all of her adult life. We did our best to share our true facts and experiences.

We did not adopt deceitfulness as an option in our campaigning efforts by knowingly posting headlines or memes with false information, we begged at times for real facts from the opposition or at least credible substance. We always tried to be fair. We didn’t try to fight dirty. We know that is not the way to achieve a goal. We knew that that is the way to lose our integrity.

We knew she was not a bad person and we believed that her impressive resume of civil service and fighting for us would speak volumes and we thought that would be enough.
We thought being fair was going to work.
We were called libtards and constantly asked about our “liberal tolerance?”
In our own words we would define that Tolerance in its simplest definition is “freedom from bigotry.” Liberalism in its simplest definition is a belief in tolerance .
We tried to be tolerant of the naivety and of the young know-it-alls that just turned 18 and were ready for a revolution that we had already had.

We were tolerant of the Gay4Trump Log Cabin Republicans.
Okay – so I wasn’t that tolerant of them.
We, as a whole, were tolerant. We had days when we could not tolerate lies, liars and the people that never ever fact checked or gave a shit about the truth. And we called them out and fought back with facts and sources.

I know I called many people assholes and bitches, I treated many trump supporters like  inbred, slack-jawed, cousin-dating, banjo-picking yokels.
Yes, I had my deplorable moments as well.

I regret nothing.

After the election results, I experienced a numb emptiness. I felt like I was in a vacuum, a space with nothing. I unfriended many Trump supporters. I was through with the whole lot of them. I wasn’t having it!Donald Trump And Ted Cruz Join Capitol Hill Rally Against Iran Deal

After awhile I felt some remorse at unfriending some people.
Some because they simply told me to “get over it” on November 9, 2016. Not the best thing to ask from me that morning.

There were some that remained forever banned from my life because they  would constantly shared doomsday “articles” without reading or fact checking the content and preying on the unrealized fears of others. They would provoke the most hateful comments from like-minded people that would simply erupt with hatred toward a minority group or the current administration while using the most racist and vile sentiments, all because of the misleading headline that was structured just right to enrage the intolerant.

To those people, I say Godspeed and fuck you.

The ones I asked back to be my friends were very understanding. I never really had an issue with these people and our debates were always gentlemanly.

If you voted for Donald J. Trump, I do not think you’re racist.
I am just disturbed that his racist remarks, his attitude towards women and his unwillingness to follow protocol and respectfully share tax records with the American people, his bullying of the handicapped and encouraging and inciting violence at his rallies, all of that and the lies, that shit was never a deal breaker for you.
And, yes,  I do think less if you

 Update: I do think you are racist.


There, we can all say it out loud in polite company now.

Thank you to those that know how to take me off your news feed if I overwhelmed (bombarded ) it with my point of view and rants, it’s nice to know you are still there.

My Facebook will return to photos of dinner and my fur babies. There will be check ins, funny memes, music, a selfie or two and occasionally I will make fun of Sarah Palin ( that stupid bitch makes it so easy)

Update: My Facebook Page is more anti-Trump than ever

My Tweeter account will still be very anti Trump, pro Democratic and Liberal .
Gurrl, I may even ramp up the gay.
This was a job interview. I didn’t hire him.
Hillary has a million more votes than him. I am pissed about that and will be for awhile. Update: she received about a trillion more votes. Okay…it’s almost 3 million more. 

I will show Trump the same respect as he showed President Obama

I will also start a blog. The name, when I unveil it, will be expected.

Update: You’re reading it!

I have considered running for local office since I think this country fucked up and I’m tired of bitching. I have spent the past week doing some research, to make sure that my misspent youth would not keep me from doing so and it looks good.
Moving forwards depends on many many factors and no decision will be made yet. The next local city election is not too far away and I want to be prepared, so I may have to wait until the next cycle, but I have been in touch with the Victory Fund and other resources to gain more insight.

Update: I still plan on running

Politics: apparently no experience required. Also, one does not have to be moral or classy.
Hell, I can even be President.

( So hide your genitals)


I am inspired by the courage, integrity, tenacity and determined spirit of Hillary Clinton.

#StillWithHer  #HesNotMyPresident



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