APB – MISSING: Taste and Class – Vanity Fair sinks to a de·plor·a·ble low.

To the Editors of Vanity Fair Why put forth a stupid, neanderthalish, immature suggestion that Hillary Clinton take up a new hobby such as knitting to keep her out of the public eye? It was neither cute nor classy. Do you honestly think that her active role in politics is a hobby? Do you need …

We’re Off to be The Bliz·zard: Snowflakes and Tomi Lahren

I want to hold the anthem and the flag in high regard just as I did when I was a little boy, but I won't be bullied into it. It would be an empty gesture.

Roy Moore, Al Franken, Donald Trump, and Jesus

Eye opening read was my first choice as an introduction, but it’s more than that. It opened my brain. The authors’ brave reveal is to be comended.


“…Your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you.” (Gen 3:16 ESV)

Definitely Author of Confusion series worthy

What is it with sex? Obviously, if you are doing it right, it should be pretty awesome. However, the obsession that our culture has with sex is ridiculous. As much as conservatives want to paint liberals with a broad brush of “Hollywood sexualization”, they are not, and have never been immune to this issue. Look no further this past week then Roy Moore, Alabama Christian conservative running for office. What makes this so hard to watch, is the inability of the Republican party to get a handle on this situation. The people have already spoken, with Sean Hannity as their spokesperson that it is the victim that should be demonized and accused, while Roy Moore should be able to keep on running for office. Why not, right? Across…

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