APB – MISSING: Taste and Class – Vanity Fair sinks to a de·plor·a·ble low.

To the Editors of Vanity Fair

Why put forth a stupid, neanderthalish, immature suggestion that Hillary Clinton take up a new hobby such as knitting to keep her out of the public eye? It was neither cute nor classy.

Do you honestly think that her active role in politics is a hobby?

Do you need for me to send you a link to Google Search? You know what? I’m cool. I’ll assist by sharing this helpful link: http://www.dictionary.com/.

You obviously do not know the definition of the word hobby.

This woman has a superabundant capacity for caring about the American people and is intellectually superior to the dim-witted and obtuse “business man” who is making our country look imbecile and belligerent. (use that dictionary link).

Hillary Clinton has dedicated most of her adult life to giving a voice to those that have been disenfranchised and has been a champion of health care for children for decades. I know that this is information that has been around for years since she is the most vetted person to ever reach the pinnacle of being elected the Presidential Candidate to represent a major party. I feel like I need to mention that to your staff since is it apparent that they may not be familiar with research.


I want to say this to them:

You may perceive yourself as an educated person because you have a paper certificate with your name on it hanging on a wall and you are capable of going potty by yourself but that doesn’t mean that your naivety and millennial attitude of superiority will not show its real self as you attempt to appear clever or edgy and try to draw an “Oooh home-girl went there” response from your contemporaries .

Instead, you appeared to be disrespectful, juvenile and just plain stupid.

In this case, you also appear to be sexist, and that bothers me.

Regrettably, I have had deplorable moments in the past where I failed to maintain a semblance of class and propriety and instead I came off as a misogynist ass. It’s not pretty.

Could you ever suggest to Senator John McCain to take up a hobby and retire? Take up knitting? No – no one would. People respect his contributions to our country.


There are millions of Americans that also appreciate and respect Hillary Clinton’s’ service and dedication to our country.

What is the difference between these two people that allows for differential treatment? The answer is very simple and obvious.

McCain was born with a wee wee.

He garners more respect because he is a male.

Now I don’t care how impressive his penis might be, ask yourself if that’s fair?

Remember that Hillary Clinton is verbally abused and lied about daily. She receives the most vile and disrespectful tweets from the deplorable dopes or dupes via Twitter. She handles it all with admirable class.

images (9)

No one would ever put themselves in this situation for a hobby.

We should be respectful, she has earned that.

I, like many, owe her a debt of gratitude. #StillWithHer

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