Charlie & the Bullsh*t Factory- A Mis·in·formed Millennial

I seem to come across tweets from the misinformed Charlie Kirk everytime I log onto Twitter.

Who is he, you ask? Good, I’m not the only one who didn’t know.

According to his website, Charlie Kirk is the Founder and Executive Director of Turning Point USA, a national student movement dedicated to identifying, organizing, and empowering young people to promote the principles of free markets, and limited government.

The introduction also includes this line: “Since the inception of Turning Point USA on June 5th of 2012, Charlie Kirk has grown Turning Point USA from nothing to having representation on over 1,200 high school and college campuses nationwide.”

 I had to reread it. This endeavor started at nothing. Mr. Kirk grew this movement from nothing to something.

Was that line necessary? All concepts come from nothing. This can be applied to anything. This page was empty before I wrote this paper.

He continues: At 24 years old, he has appeared on Fox News, CNBC, and FOX Business News over 600 times.

Then there is a photo of Trump. A video of Trump. Another video of Trump etc.

So, Charlie is a Millennial Conservative, the name says it all. I already know what not to expect from a person who identifies with that label.

I don’t expect Wisdom, that will come in time and is learned through a person’s experiences.

I don’t expect Intelligent banter.

I don’t expect hard sought after concrete facts.

I don’t expect an unpretentious person

I don’t expect altruismar0xgj8oxlf01

I would’ve hoped but was nonetheless surprised to find that in December 2017, former employees of his organization accused it of engaging in racist practices, as well as potentially illegal involvement in the 2016 presidential election

Former employees and student volunteers for Turning Point claimed they had witnessed collusion between high-ranking Turning Point employees – including Kirk himself and top advisor Ginni Thomas – and the presidential campaigns of both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. The interactions included Kirk coordinating via email with two officials at a pro-Cruz super PAC to send student volunteers to work for the PAC in South Carolina, as well as two students being requested by Thomas herself, via voicemail, to distribute over 200 Cruz placards in Wisconsin.

A former employee for Turning Point, who had been based in Florida, alleged that Turning Point had given the personal information of over 700 student supporters to an employee with Rubio’s presidential campaign.

In October 2016, Kirk participated in a Fox News event along with Donald Trump Jr.Eric Trump, and Lara Trump that had a pro-Donald Trump tone. A Turning Point staff member wrote on Facebook that students who attended the event would have their expenses covered. The incident led tax experts to say the organization’s conduct may have violated its tax-exempt status, a charge disputed by Turning Point.

According to Jane Mayer of the New Yorker, these activities may violate Turning Point’s 501(c)(3) nonprofit legal status which does not allow them to “endorse candidates or support political campaigns.”

At this point, this information is worthless. These people will get away with whatever crimes they have committed or are committing. Anyone that is empowered to do something about it are already in cahoots together.

Back to Charlie Kirk.

I will never knock anyone for aiming to get a higher education and Charlie did just that when he attended Harper College, a local community college, after his denial at West Point. However, I will knock and lose any respect for an institute of higher learning that produces alumni as disinterested in research and facts as Kirk appears to be.

His Tweets caught my consideration because most seem to have a childlike smugness about them. I suspect that he believes each Tweet he twats is a “Gotcha” or an “A-ha” moment or a nugget of wisdom.

Most of his mistweets can be debunked in minutes or have already been proven wrong years ago.

He has no concern for any truth. He doesn’t reference any sources, most of his information is just an opinion disguised as a factoid.


I want to periodically share his tweets and my counter tweets to illustrate the difference between the brain of a Liberal and the filler in a Conservative; two feuding groups, each with very different and precise ethics. Two groups that speak a different language, politically. Two teams equally confounded by the unequivocal mindset of the people who make up the opposing side.

The first of these is his pinned tweet:

“Liberals hate walls yet live in gated communities

Liberals hate guns yet walk around with armed guards

Liberals hate school choice, yet they send their kids to private schools

Leftists want to tell YOU how to live and do something different entirely themselves.”

Okay, so I hate all walls because I oppose the Border Wall. What is wrong with a mind that would deduce this kind of reasoning?64e866c32c8257277590a45cdf8b3aeb

Does anyone really believe that all Liberals live in gated communities?

Next: We do not hate guns, this argument that they insist on using, even though I suspect these people cannot be that dense and dumb, is a tired rebuttal

Many Liberals own guns. We own guns for the same reason the deplorable do, to protect our home and families.

Not once in my lifetime has there ever been a campaign to rid the US of firearms.

I could delve deeper into what Democrats have asked for from lawmakers and what we are trying to prevent, but they will not take any of that at face value.

Conservatives need to believe that we are trying to take their guns. Otherwise, there would be no argument, and I guess no purpose in employing pundits and howler-monkeys, like the lovely natural raven-haired Tomi Lahren.

gettyimages-824354796Charlie adds that we are walking around with armed guards. I can’t even understand the reason for that sentence.

I would like to see what his source was for stating that we also hate school choice. That is obviously just a stupid comment and again

Finally, he writes:

Leftists want to tell YOU how to live and do something different entirely themselves.”

Another Lie.

We never deny anyone the right to pursue their happiness.

It has been the GOP that wants to know what homosexuals in Texas are doing in bed together and accurately as possible.

It is the GOP that desires a say in who we love.

It is the GOP that would want to keep gay couples from marrying each other. They say that it is an affront to the sanctity of opposite-sex marriages that are ordained by God of the Bible, even though Marriage predates the Bible and there are TV shows like “The Proposal,” a game show that ends with a marriage proposal in 60 minutes, you know like in the Bible.

Charlie Kirk, you bother me.

You bother me because you don’t have facts.

You don’t bestow facts.

Enough people have drunk your brand of Guyana Punch, turning them into mindless followers that will cling to your every lie and that will be your demise.

I am comforted only by the fact that you are 24 years old.

All of us that have been that age thought that we knew it all too. No one could tell us otherwise.

I am almost 50. I would not trade birthdays with you at all.

I have that wisdom that came with time and grew from my life experiences.

I will share that wisdom with you often, Charlie Kirk, until yours develops.

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