Charlie & the Bullsh*t Fac·to·ry: Tastes Like Hate

In the event that you missed the first post in these series, here it is – just click on its title: Charlie & the Bullsh*t Factory- A Misinformed Millennial

We are living in a time when we are continually bombarded with information and misinformation instantly, and we are updated even quicker as new details become available,  by varied and conflicting resources. This cycle is never-ending and all-encompassing. This environment of instant gratification brought to us by sophisticated technology will ultimately be civilizations downfall.

Think back to Benghazi and how quickly news spread of the attacks and many details were easily distorted. There was a sense of urgency for answers, instant answers, what’s taking so long?

We may be sending and receiving information rapidly through modern technology, but the world and it’s humans are all in real time.

There were so many questions to answer, and at times, they were demanded quickly and so answers were haphazardly given with the knowledge available at that second. Things were said or misheard probably because answers were given for the sake of giving.

If we move in real time but we are needing the answers yesterday and billions of people chime in today, I feel we will get to a point when we won’t know who to trust and all truth will be gone.

I was twelve years  old when my brother and I delivered the now extinct paper publication “The Dallas Times Herald” on our bicycles, other times sitting on the tailgate of my fathers pick up with our legs dangling close to the road, as he drove slowly through the streets of  the North Texas suburb of Farmers Branch, where I was raised.

image008We did that once a day. You could get updates and additional information on stories you were following from watching the evening news. That was it. There were no 24-hour news channels back then. We were mostly all about the paper.

Today’s youth missed out on the easeful experience of opening a newspaper at the breakfast table and enjoying the luxury of going at your own pace. You had ample time to process the events that are being reported on. There was time to form your own opinion.

I was thinking that today’s younger generation is at a disadvantage not just because of the frequency in which we get new updates but also because of the millions of people who can chime in at any time with opinions, misinformation and distorted facts that affect the way we process information.

We, as a whole, have become a knee-jerk reactionary audience.

I was researching the topic of getting our news delivered via social media news outlets VS old-fashioned newspapers and I came across an insightful article by Farhad Manjoo a columnist, who tried a social experiment such as the one I described and I was fascinated. The piece is called  For Two Months, I Got My News From Print Newspapers. Here’s What I Learned. 

Mr, Manjoo begins the narrative with hearing about the school shootings that occurred in Parkland, Florida on the day of the shootings and then hearing hardly anything on the shooting for 24 hours by staying on terra firma and not surfing the net for more details.

” There was a lot I was glad to miss. For instance, I didn’t see the false claims — possibly amplified by propaganda bots — that the killer was a leftist, an anarchist, a member of ISIS and perhaps just one of the multiple shooters. I missed the Fox News report tying him to Syrian resistance groups even before his name had been released. I also didn’t see the claim circulated by many news outlets (including The New York Times) as well as by Senator Bernie Sanders and other liberals on Twitter that the massacre had been the 18th school shooting of the year, which wasn’t true.”

Mr. Manjoo had avoided the innocent mistakes — and the more malicious misdirection — that had pervaded the first hours after the shooting, my first experience of the news was an accurate account of the actual events of the day.

The malicious misdirection he speaks about is something we have all seen. Some people are compelled to further investigate and look for where the information was sourced from. Then there are the others that blindly soak up every last word because it fits the conversation they want to believe in.

That has manifested people like Charlie Kirk and it leads us to another of his mis-tweets:Caggggggpture

“The left hates Chick-Fil-A because they unapologetically defend their deeply held Christian beliefs and run their company with high moral conduct and standards They honor the Sabbath, treat their workers well, greet all customers wonderfully, and have the best waffle fries ever”

He is correct in that I do hate Chick-Fil-A, but not because of closing all day on Sunday.  I  respect the fact that honoring the Sabbath in this way is something dear to their brand of Christianity and that belief system. I would never deny them that and I will defend their right to do so.

He also states that our hate also stems from the company and the bar they have set in regards to moral conduct ( fine, I find that questionable) but he also references the company’s high standards, I hope he means in product and cleanliness, and their dedication to their employees and customers. I have no problem with that. We need businesses to maintain a high standard when it comes to nurturing and appreciating the people who make them successful and of course, the consumer that provides them with revenue.7a955c0954efbd6e6a488c4683baaecd

Kirk’s statement is just some words he pulled out of his ass to make a weak and opinionated Tweet.

I have not enjoyed the waffle fries but I will take his word that they are to die for.

So why does he insist on making a blanket statement like this one?

Is it to spread an alternative truth again and get people worked up? He knew that his followers do not mind and do not care for any facts backed up with sources, so he does it to fan the flames?

The reason for my animosity towards the chain is that the company continues to donate millions of dollars each year to anti-LGBTQ organizations via its Winshape nonprofit organization

You know, like black Jesus did.

That’s it, Charlie,  simple and true. Ask a liberal next time.



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