Simple Rea·son·ing: The Conservatives Cry of Battle

“Here’s a thought, don’t break the law and you won’t be separated from your kids.”

“If you don’t want your family to be broken up when you cross the border illegally… don’t cross the border illegally.”


These are but a couple “Pearls of Wisdom” and insightful responses I have read online recently from people defending the inhumane treatment of children by the federal government in their endeavor to protect the US from potential terrorists.

Thank you Donald J. Trump et al for the tireless efforts you implement in safeguarding my family from the potential danger that little 3- year old Manuel Sanchez or 5- year old Consuela Rodriquez might impose.


You people are idiots.

Your simplistic “advice” only serves to single you out as an uninformed complacent person that reserves only disdain for these people because of preconceived but unrealized fears and a lack of compassion for other human beings that don’t fit the narrative you want in your “Christian” way of life.

You question their intellect by stating the obvious. “Don’t break the law and this won’t happen to your kids” And you are so proud of yourself for saying that.

Why are these people coming to our border?

Do you really believe that they are so stupid, that they have no idea what they are risking and have no clue as to what to expect or an idea of what can happen to them?

Many of these individuals are fleeing Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador to escape threats, brutal gang violence, domestic abuse, extortion, rampant political unrest, and sexual abuse. They are running for their lives. They are taking necessary risks to protect their family. I would do it, so would you.

This isn’t a vacation for them.
But you people don’t care.

You are all just ready to unleash your gripes about how this affects you much worse than it does them. You are the victim now. Then you’ll enlighten us with how their struggles and their perseverance is such an inconvenience to you and all white people.

Connie Conservative will chime in, although no one asked, about how she needs her sleep, woe is her with the burden of working a 50 hour week and then to top it off, her taxes are paying for the Martinez family to eat, and the rent for the Lopez family and antibiotics for Juanita de la Fuentes Cruz Hernandez-Ramirez because she caught a bug (And no, not the Cucaracha) so there goes Connie’s tax money to pay for the senorita to see a doctor.
Such a heavy burden for a delicate martyr to maintain but you can bet she didn’t give one hoot about her tax money going to fund yet another Benghazi trial.
Now that was a witch hunt.

These immigrants have a right under International law to seek refuge in other countries and U.S. law confirms that those escaping persecution are eligible to apply for asylum protections, but Trump and his minions are drastically making changes to the asylum process by revising laws without going through Congress.

The Trump Administration has said that individuals who cross the border illegally and make asylum requests will face criminal prosecution, but that if they go through the official border crossings, their applications will be processed. Yet in several cities along the border, asylum seekers who follow those instructions are turned away and told to return later. At some crossings, applicants camp out for days.

This is a Catch 22 says Congressman Beto O’Rourke of El Paso, who is running to unseat Ted Cruz,”We are preventing families from lawfully requesting asylum at our ports of entry & then criminally prosecuting them & taking their children when they attempt to cross between ports of entry. Those parents are doing what any of us would do.”

Democrats and Republicans alike believe that laws should be enforced, that was never a question.

The issue is the deplorable way this is being handled by an administration that that does not follow the Rule of Law.

A law can be enforced with compassion.

If you continue to defend this treatment of people, you are a louse.

Conservatives are constantly reaching and looking hard for something to throw back at Liberals whenever we get upset about something one of them have said or done.

We all recall the vile comparison that Roseanne recently made between an African American woman and a monkey, which led to her number one show to be canceled by ABC.

The deplorable than tried to call out Bill Maher and demand that he be fired because he called Trump an orange orangutan. They thought they had a point. They likened a racist remark to a comment on a white man’s appearance. If they really did not know the sentiment intended behind Roseanne’s tweet, then there’s the proof of their ignorance. It’s so not the same thing. 

Conservative clown Charlie Kirk recently tweeted, “If kids bring separated from their moms is truly something the left cared about, they would defund planned parenthood and stand to end abortion. Millions of kids being forcibly extracted from the womb each year”



Yeah, he said that. They do not get it. It’s sad and funny. But that is the reasoning skills they employ.

Charlie’s friend, Token, oh her name is Candace, recently tweeted these gems




If they can’t think of a far-fetched phantom distraction; they utilize the last weapon in their arsenal.

The victims are all paid actors line, just as My Little Pony doppelganger, Ann Coulter vomited out today.

Harriet “Buffy” Tubman and Charlie “What Ever I’m White”Kirk, Tilapia Latrine and her mother Mr. ED are not very smart and my hope is that they’ll figure it out, educate themselves, and go mute. 

Sorry, Charlie.



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