The White to Re·main Silent

I just had to respond to a post I stumbled upon on a blog called I hate Hillary.

VIDEO: Kaepernick White Privilege Exposed
Mike Vance August 29, 2016
As you probably know, Colin Kaepernick sat down during the national anthem to make a statement. Now, a video with Kaepernick white privilege exposed. This video proves what a hypocrite Colin Kaepernick is. ( The Video had been deleted)

Kaepernick was raised by white parents. He has experienced white privilege if anyone has. And now he makes hundreds of millions of dollars to play a game. Can you replicate this experience anywhere else, Colin? The answer is no. Maybe he is just fed up with riding the bench.

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The Reply

Bless your heart. You do not comprehend the definition of “white privilege” at all and that little meme of Kap with the 2 white people just shows how utterly stupid you are. I tried to make that previous sentence sound nicer but, wow!

But do not fret, Hoss. There are many that are afflicted, as you are, and they too projected some semblance of intelligence, mainly being able to wipe their own ass, but they did not understand the essence of “white privilege” and so- instead of asking someone to help, you all just assumed and made up your own definition.
Okay, so most white people are not going to come up and point fingers at someone of color and chant” You are oppressed- you are oppressed- you are feeling very oppressed!”
People of color will have white friends. People of color will have white parents.

The term “White Privilege” is used to describe the preferential treatment and behavior toward white people over a person of color, most often by a person(s), that is empowered with some degree of authority such as a store manager or law enforcement officer for example.

Let’s say a white gentleman uses a store coupon at a drugstore where a white cashier is manning the register. The transaction goes swimmingly as expected and the gent goes on his way.
Next in line is a black lady who also wishes to use a coupon. The coupon arrived at her home via snail mail, the exact same way the previous customer acquired his coupon.
Let’s say that the coupon is for the same product.

Angela Weiss | AFP | Getty Images

The cashier takes the coupon and after glancing at it for a quick half-second tells the lady that the coupon is no good, in fact, he goes on to say that the coupon is not even authentic, and she must have made it herself.
There is a lot of back and forth between them, but in the end, the cashier calls the police.

Another example could be a white man in his twenties shoots up a warehouse where he was previously employed, and, in the process, 2 people are shot dead.
He drives off evading arrest and leads police on a high-speed car chase in a very busy, high populated part of town.
He ditches his car and runs into a nearby home where he takes a hostage.
He is later arrested without incident and gently helped into the back seat of a squad car.

In contrast, there is a black gentleman that locked his keys in his BMW that is parked in the driveway of his home in an affluent neighborhood that same evening.
As he tries to get in his car, the white lady next door, who is housesitting, see him and calls the police.
The police arrive immediately with guns out and aimed at the man as they shout for him to lay on the ground.
The black man complies but shouts out that he has a license to carry and is carrying but he wants to make them aware of it. He reaches for his gun so that he can lay it on the ground next to him and is shot in the head by police. The first bullet hit the target but that didn’t stop them from spending a few rounds of ammunition before ceasing fire.

One other thing, it doesn’t matter how much money Kaepernick has, oppression is not defined by monetary value.
Also, he earned every cent. I sense that you imply he didn’t earn the money, I also sense that you believe the money should have made him whiter or less black since the good white people of the USA “allowed” him to become a celebrity.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick shakes hands with fans after the 49ers defeated the San Diego Chargers 31-21 during an NFL preseason football game Thursday, Sept. 1, 2016, in San Diego. (AP Photo/Denis Poroy)

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