Turn The Tweet Around: An Uncommon E·piph·a·ny:

I cringed every time I clicked on a new comment because I was sure that a senior deplorable or high-ranking Trump licker had already been deployed with a directive from Mein Trump, and they were going to be mean . I suddenly felt protective of him.

Thank You For Be·ing A Friend

What can you say about a life filled with guffaws and cheesecake? We were two of the lucky ones.

No One Be·lieved #MeToo

America's answer to a question no one asked,  Tomi Lahren, would rather people believe that a person would make up a serious accusation and opt for receiving death threats and losing any sense of privacy for themselves and their family and friends, just to be opportunistic. 
In many cases, they did tell someone and nothing happened. No one believed them. The accuser is labeled a liar.

I know because I told someone immediately.

APB – MISSING: Taste and Class – Vanity Fair sinks to a de·plor·a·ble low.

To the Editors of Vanity Fair Why put forth a stupid, neanderthalish, immature suggestion that Hillary Clinton take up a new hobby such as knitting to keep her out of the public eye? It was neither cute nor classy. Do you honestly think that her active role in politics is a hobby? Do you need …

We’re Off to be The Bliz·zard: Snowflakes and Tomi Lahren

I want to hold the anthem and the flag in high regard just as I did when I was a little boy, but I won't be bullied into it. It would be an empty gesture.