An Apology To Dr. King by: James Mulholland

Incredibly well written. It distresses me to think that many of us, white or of any color, have been comfortable in believing that not being a racist is the same as being supportive and proactive in Dr. Kings’ dreams for civility and equality. I truly felt that we had made immense strides towards achieving that endeavor and in reality we have moved only inches. In reality we are still in 1968 in our approach and with time, the real message has been lost . I needed this aide-memoire and I didn’t even know it. – James Navarrette

Note To My White Self

My apologies to you, Dr. King.

Until this year, I did not fully recognize my offensive behavior. Like most white folk, I saw the celebration of your birth as a day off work rather than a moment of national reflection. I was unaware of how we’ve neutered the poignancy of your complaints, defanged the sharpness of your rhetoric and domesticated the wildness of your dream.  I did not realize that we celebrate your birth in order to avoid the circumstances of your death, that a white man silenced your voice with a bullet.  Until this year, I did not understand that this day – unlike Thanksgiving and Fourth of July – should not be a day of celebration, but a day of national mourning.

My apologies to you, Dr. King.

Until this year, I was oblivious to how I and so many other white people – conservative and liberal alike –…

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A #MeToo Rev·e·la·tion

The recent #MeToo movement or revolution has been both praised and ridiculed by liberals and conservatives alike. On one hand, we applaud these people for sharing their accounts of harassment and molestation. We cringe as we hear the details. We empathize as we praise them for their bravery. In contrast, we have those that minimize …

APB – MISSING: Taste and Class – Vanity Fair sinks to a de·plor·a·ble low.

To the Editors of Vanity Fair Why put forth a stupid, neanderthalish, immature suggestion that Hillary Clinton take up a new hobby such as knitting to keep her out of the public eye? It was neither cute nor classy. Do you honestly think that her active role in politics is a hobby? Do you need …

We’re Off to be The Bliz·zard: Tomi Lahren

I want to hold the anthem and the flag in high regard just as I did when I was a little boy, but I won't be bullied into it. It would be an empty gesture.

Thanks, but no thanks?

My parents told me to never get into a strangers car. They also warned me against swimming so soon after I've eaten. They showed me how to ride a bike and how to tie my shoes. While I was growing up in north Dallas, I observed and learned from the way my parents conducted themselves. …