Manipuladores mal Informados

Charlie Kirk y Candace Owens, conservadores y prometedores, aún no tienen suficiente experiencia en la vida o la sabiduría que se desarrolla con la edad para contarle cómo funciona el mundo que lo rodea. Eso no impide que ninguno de ellos piense que lo tienen todo resuelto. Ambos están también llenos de basura. Dicen lo …


Misinformed Manipulative Mil·len·nials

Conservative up and comers Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens do not yet have enough life experience or the wisdom that develops with age to tell you how the world around you operates. That doesn’t stop either of them from thinking they have it all figured out. They are both also full of crap. They say …

The White to Re·main Silent

The term “White Privilege” is used to describe the preferential treatment and behavior toward white people over a person of color, most often by a person(s), that is empowered with some degree of authority such as a store manager or law enforcement officer for example.


There have been numerous times when I have sat at my desk editing parts of a blog post and wishing I had more time to work on it instead of looking for a stopping point and having to go to bed because I had to work in the morning or stopping because I was already …

An I·de·o·log·i·cal Civil War: Part One

Deplorables looked at Obama the way I looked at Trump. I see Trump as inadequate. The deplorable saw Obama's' skin color/race as inadequate.
The black was the incompetency to them