The Diar·Rhetoric Reasoning of Conservatives

Thank you Donald J. Trump et al for the tireless efforts you implement in safeguarding my family from the potential danger that little 3- year old Manuel Sanchez or 5- year old Consuela Rodriquez might impose.


Ma·li·cious Misdirections

We, as a whole, have become a knee jerk reactionary audience.

Charlie & the Bullsh*t Factory- A Mis·in·formed Millennial

Most of his mistweets can be debunked in minutes or have already been proven wrong a couple of years ago. He has no regard for any truth. He doesn't cite any sources, most of his messages are clearly opinions

Turn The Tweet Around: An Uncommon E·piph·a·ny:

I cringed every time I clicked on a new comment because I was sure that a senior deplorable or high-ranking Trump licker had already been deployed with a directive from Mein Trump, and they were going to be mean . I suddenly felt protective of him.

Thank You For Be·ing A Friend

What can you say about a life filled with guffaws and cheesecake? We were two of the lucky ones.