Berning Bridges

“I want you to ask yourselves: Were you in this campaign just for me? Or … were you in it for all the people in this country who feel invisible?” -Hillary Clinton

Misinformed Manipulative Mil·len·nials

Conservative up and comers Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens do not yet have enough life experience or the wisdom that develops with age to tell you how the world around you operates. That doesn’t stop either of them from thinking they have it all figured out. They are both also full of crap. They say …

Turn The Tweet Around: An Uncommon E·piph·a·ny:

I cringed every time I clicked on a new comment because I was sure that a senior deplorable or high-ranking Trump licker had already been deployed with a directive from Mein Trump, and they were going to be mean . I suddenly felt protective of him.

When the Locker Room is in the West Wing

I have been working on a story for my blog regarding the women and men that been victims of predatory men and the phenomenon of the #MeToo battle cry when I saw this particular post by one of my favorite writers.

The title caught my eye and like an effective headline is supposed to do – it drew me in and I am so much better and empowered for having read this.
I hope men in particular, be they heterosexual or of the homo persuasion or anywhere in between, will pause and talk to their sons and nephews about us men in a brutal honest light . I hope we all call out the ugly when we see it. We are nothing without women and the forces they possess .


“And we should get on to much more important things and much bigger things.” –Donald Trump, then GOP Nominee for President during the second Presidential Debate via New York Times transcript.

The 2016 election has long passed, and we are now almost a year into Donald Trumps Presidency that has been constantly marred by President Trumps tweets, outlandish statements and actions. No different were his days as a Presidential candidate though. The most bombshell statement came from President Trump during a 2005 Access Hollywood tape that everyone and their sister has heard by now, where Donald Trump is overheard making a comment about grabbing women by the “p****”. When this tape surfaced, Donald Trump, and unfortunately many other “men” defended these comments as “Locker room talk”.

When Donald Trump was asked about these comments during a Presidential Debate with CNN he claimed that he did not do these things (I…

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Sharp Ab·jects

This post from last year came up today, 11/15/2017 , on my Facebook  "On This Day" Memories. I had forgotten I wrote this. I read it again and I realized that the overall sentiment  I am trying to convey is very much still the one I carry today, a whole year later. I only edited …