The Issues

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This site consists of po·lit·i·cal·ly motivated opinion pieces written from my perspective,  a native Texan who often felt a little out of place in this big red state.

I’ll cover topics like abortion, gun rights, civil rights, LGBT causes, immigration and basically any topic that I want to contribute my two cents in.

These days, there are some politicians that tend to ignore their constituents.

Often, when presented with concrete and proven facts in opposition to a meaninglessness discriminatory bill , they choose to ignore the facts and go with what they perceive the bible dictates. They want to change the minds of the citizens  they are supposed to work for to their way of thinking.

Above all else they seem to have lost any in·teg·ri·ty they may have once had. My goal is to use this forum as a way to share what I stand for and what I value ahead of my run for office, if God wills it. ( Si Dios Quiere)


James Navarrette